Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our web site is up!

Our web site,, is up and running!  We finished it last week and would like feedback on it.  I hope to be posting more information on antiques and other topics related to antiques in the next week!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Houston Club-- Soon to be Demolished

If you read the news, you probably saw that The Houston Club is getting ready to be demolished.  They auctioned off most of the items that remained at the club on January 12.  Unfortunately, due to asbestos, some of the fixtures were pulled from the auction.

I was lucky enough to be there and win several items.  One of the coolest is the following:

Bronze plaque from the old Houston Club Building, for the Ben Love Suite. The Houston Club Building at 811 Rusk is currently being emptied to be imploded, and the Houston Club closed on January 1, 2013 at the end of the New Year Party. The plaque measures 16 x 24 inches.

The plaque reads:
We gratefully acknowledge the contributors
whose generosity made possible
The Ben Love Suite

Joan & Stanford Alexander
Beverly & Dan Arnold
The Honorable & Mrs. James A. Baker, III
Mrs. Lloyd M. Benson
The President & Mrs. George Bush
Brenda & John H. Duncan, Sr.
The Honorable & Mrs Charles W. Duncan, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Fluor
The Honorable & Mrs. John L. Hill, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Hines
Carrie & Howard W. Horne
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Jones
Mrs. William S. (Jeanie) Kilroy
Bruce LaBoon
Cynthia & George P. Mitchell
The Honorable & Mrs. Robert A. Mosbacher
Kay M. Ostead
John & Bain Pearson Pitts
Ed & Ellen Randall
Lynda & David M. Underwood
Gene & Astrid Van Dyke

Some History:

Benton F. Love led Texas Commerce Bank to prominence and became a fixture in Houston civic and philanthropic circles. Love spent 22 years at Texas Commerce, most of them as president of the bank or its parent company, Texas Commerce Bancshares. He helped revolutionize Texas banking with modern business practices that emphasized aggressive sales and marketing. Under his guidance, Texas Commerce Bancshares expanded until it became the state's second-largest lending institution. After mergers with other banks, TCB became JPMorgan Chase, now the largest bank in Texas. Love was involved in scores of civic and charitable activities. He was the first chairman of the Greater Houston Partnership, which arose from the merger of the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Council in 1989, and spearheaded bond projects and infrastructure initiatives.

The Houston Club was a private social club located in Houston, Texas, and was housed in the 811 Rusk Street building in Downtown Houston. The club members were a part of Houston's business, civic, cultural, and financial communities. Members included business leaders, cultural leaders, consuls general, doctors, entrepreneurs, governors, mayors, and presidents. Notable members included former President of the United States George H. W. Bush and James Baker. Maggie Galehouse of the Houston Chronicle said "In its heyday - the mid-1950s to the mid-1980s - the Houston Club was the power broker club in the city." The Houston Club is now closed and the club membership was merged with the Plaza Club, which is a part of ClubCorp. The closing and demolition of The Houston Club is seen as loosing a part of Texas history by many.

Available in the shop or on eBay. This great historical item is only $500.

I also have plates, and numerous posters, some of which were hand made, for specific events that were held at The Houston Club, lockers from the gym, etc.  The lockers are wood and will be broken into 2 or 3 locker units, and will have the original locks and keys.  The only modification that will be done to the lockers is to touch up paint on them or to do repairs.  

The Houston Club was very exclusive, and with the merger of memberships with the Club Corp Houston Downtown Plaza Club (which will be called The Houston Club), membership will not be as exclusive. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Success Seed Grader

We have a rather unique item in the shop-- the Success Seed Grader.  This farm item looks like the machines they use for bingo, but 90 years ago, this would have been a common sight on a farm.  Demonstrations on how to use the Success Seed Grader seemed to occur often and would coinside with tractor demonstrations in rural areas.

  1921 Success Seed Grader Ad

Here is a picture of the one we have in the shop:

This would be a great item for decorating a BBQ restaraunt or a country style restaraunt. 

If you are interested in this item, or other rustic items, please stop by Vintage Galveston, 1708 Tremont (23rd), in Galveston.  We are between O and O 1/2, between the Pink Dolphin and Tiny Treasures Child Care.  We have great Victorian, Eastlake, Mid Century Modern, and other items available.  Stop by and have a nice cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate while you browse.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Four Months!

It has been 4 months since we opened the doors of Vintage Galveston, and it has been a fabulous four months!

We have been working to make Vintage Galveston a nicer shopping experience for all.  We have been remodelling, and we will probably be remodelling for the next several months.  We are painting and using fabric to decorate, and with the help of Bonnie, the shop is looking better every week.  We have a cappuccino machine and provide both cappuccino and hot chocolate to customers.  Stop by and enjoy a cup!

During the first week we were open, we filled the shop.  We have many wonderful items with interesting histories.  We have a beautiful library table that began it's life in the 1860's as a square piano, and then it was converted to a library table around 1910.  That line down the table is not a crack, it is the seam from the fallboard or keylid being attached to the top of the piano when the table was created.

We have two great paintings from Zoe Davis, a Texas artist who was born in Galveston and lived in the Ft. Worth area.  Her work was popular during the 1940's and remains collectible today.  The Mexican Harpist is my favorite and has the original $200 price tag attached to the back.  We have works from other Texas artists, as well as artists from around the world.

We have a beautiful dining set, circa 1900, that includes a large table, 8 chairs, a very large buffet, a china cabinet and a butler.  This set needs to find a home with a very large dining room and is perfect for someone who has a large Victorian home with large rooms.

For the musician, we have a Chickering upright, circa 1912, that came from a nice estate in Houston and a very nice vintage Castiglione accordion, Serie 408, Serial Number 001743.  Both are in working order and I have heard them both played.

Madealine has been doing a wonderful job managing the shop and she continues to work with all of our vendors to promote their items.

We had an ArtWalk event in November.  We featured prints of advertisements from the 1890's from Galveston.  The prints look great and are available for sale.

We are looking forward to the new year and I plan to use this blog to discuss some of the more interesting items that will be featured in our shop.

Happy New Year!  May it be a safe and prosperous new year!